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Prova i nostri legumi

Traditional shaft panettone


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Traditional shaft panettone

The Tiri family carries out the activity for 61 years and is the third generation of pastry chefs.
Triple leavening, manic management of yeast, very accurate choice of raw materials. Result? No one else manages to put so much delicacy and absence of weight in a dough.
Unlike the classic method, the production of leaved tires provides three stages of dough and three long rises. Here's what makes it more fluffy, more aromatic and more digestible than the others.
Intense perfumes and a full yellow color characterize traditional tira craft panettone.

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Basilicata, Acerenza


Traditional shaft panettone

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Wheat flour, butter, raisins (20%), sugar, fresh category egg yolks from earth-raised hens, candied orange peel (15%) (orange rind, glucose syrup, sugar), Natural mother yeast (wheat), orange paste, honey, malt, salt, natural vanilla berries of Madagascar


1st classified red prawn 2020 and 1st description 2020