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Pecorino di FILIANO DOP


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Pecorino di FILIANO DOP

The Pecorino di Filiano is one of the DOP Products of Basilicata.
Immediately recognizable for sweet and enveloping perfume. In the mouth it is burrous and soft despite its prolonged seasoning that starts from a minimum 6 months. The forms also come to weigh 5kg. What makes the Pecorino Different compared to other sheets? The pasture present in the northern area of ​​Basilicata, rich in Medical herbs and other spontaneous herbs. Our modest opinion places it among the Best cheeses that we tasted in our years of Search for delicacies.
It goes well with the Millefiori honey.



Basilicata, Forenza


Pecorino di FILIANO DOP

How to present

Yellow hazelnut externally, fine crust, grainy and buttered inside


500g, 1kg, 1/2 shape, whole form


Sheep milk, rennet and salt

How to combine it

Millefiori honey