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Tomatoes Masseria Dauna Format Convenience


Tomatoes Masseria Dauna

The Tomatoes of the Masseria Dauna are still handmade. This implies the possibility of manually checking the single tomato to be inserted into the package.
In this composition we offer you two packages for each of the product categories: Spaccatelle, peeled tomatoes, past and datters in water.
At the moment the peeled peels are present in the 1000ml version and then we will send only 1 package of those



Puglia, Lucera


Tomatoes of the Masseria Dauna


Cultivated and transformed by the same company. No dyes, no preservatives


8 total pieces (2 for each category). 2 Spaccatelle, 2 peeled, 2 past, 2 datters


Tomatoes, Water