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Sibari Ganges rice


Calabrian rice for basmati GANGE salads

The Ganges is a sibari plain rice produced by Magisa. It is characterized by a Elongated and thin chic, great for cold dishes and salads.The gang rice is nothing but a Basmati rice hybrid Used for typical dishes of the East. Perfect also to accompany soups or soups. Its detail Flavor must surely have to the microclimate That is present in Calabria, in fact, the plain of Sibari is located a few km from the sea that gives salinity and is covered instead by the Apennines on the inner side which instead brings freshness to the ground.



Calabria, sibari


Sibari rice Calabrese Ganges


Cultivated, collected and transformed by the same company



How to use it

With cold dishes, salads and as contours to various soups and soups