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Big sibari rice beans


Big sibari rice beans

The Big sibari rice beans It is a versatile rice that remains al dente And it is very recommended as side dish and for salads. We offer you the online purchase of this rice artisan Magisa produced in Calabria, close to sea. The manufacturer follows all the processing phases, from sowing to packaging. The distinctive character of the rice cultivated in Calabria is given by the particular climate of production areas and proximity to the sea.
Sole and mild temperature They allow the Spiga to mature completely and of course. The sea instead, thanks to the saltiness, creates a single microclimate for rice cultivation and gives it a Particularly sapid taste.



Calabria, sibari


Big sibari rice beans


Cultivated product, collected and transformed by the same company



How to use it

For cold salads, to accompany soups and contours