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Prova i nostri legumi

Traditional sausage of Cancellara


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Traditional sausage of Cancellara

Cancellara has always been recognized as one of the countries where is the best weathered sausage. The traditional sausage Lucanica is produced in chains in guts of size of 4cm and then left to dry for 45 days. There Meat comes from SemiBradi farms. The processing takes place first with a knife tip integrating lean parts and greasy parts excluding all the nerves, after this process it is mixed with wild fennel, ground pepper and salt.
The black pig is slightly darker than the classic one but has a decidedly better taste.



Basilicata, Cancellara


Traditional semi-wild meat sausage from Basilicata Region




Lucan pork, salt, wild fennel


No gluten, no preservatives, no nitrates and nitrites