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Rummied semolina of hard wheat saragolla


Basilicata dured durad grain semolla

The wheat saragolla is a cereal unqualeness, cultivated in small quantities between Lucania, Sannio and Abruzzo. But if we started talking about Khorasan or even Kamut (The name of the company that distributes a variety) the thing would ring you more familiar. But the wheat saragolla is nothing but a variety of khorasan, and its name derives from the ancient Bulgarian Yellow chicco, and in fact the flour has an intense yellow color, keeping color in cooking. This wheat, being naturally resistant to parasites It is suitable for a respectful cultivation of nature and health.
The Saragolla wheat, like the other varieties of Khorasan is precious because very nutritious, healthy and easy to digestibility. It naturally has a low gluten content while presents a good selenium concentrate and beta carotene, very well antioxidants.
The use of the Saragolla flour is optimal for the bakery and the production of homemade pasta. It is produced in Basilicata by farmers who still build the biodiversity of these uncontaminated lands.



Basilicata, Castronuovo di San Andrea


Rummied semolina of Khorasan durum wheat

Grain origin

Pollino National Park


1kg and 5kg

How to use it

For bread and pasta

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