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Prova i nostri legumi

Castelluccese suppressed


Suppressed by Castelluccio Inferiore

The suppressed is one of the most valuable sausages of the transformation of pork. In Basilicata the suppressed is topped with Black pepper in grains and salt but may differ from the shape, in fact in the central area and the matroom the suppressed is literally crushed by assuming a flattened form, vice versa In the Pollino area the original form of the gut is maintained with a tying technique along the natural nerve. This technique requires experience and skill. However, this technique increases the time of seasoning bringing it to periods ranging from 40/50 days. The Salumificio chooses meat from Semi-crady state farms And above all mature. Piero and his collaborators maintain alive the tradition of handmade ligature without help of no machinery. The ingredients are certified and of excellent quality.



Basilicata, Castelluccio Inferiore


Seasoned suppressed by Castelluccio Inferiore

Meat origin

Meat from local semi-organ farms


220g c.a.


TTo lean and valuable pork, with the addition of finely cut lard, salt and black pepper in grains