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Prova i nostri legumi

Sweet red suppressed


Suppressed red castelluccese

It is a variant typically of the Calabria and Basilicata And the spice you use is Senise's pepper powder. It is a bagged product with skinned meats seasoned with black pepper in grains, salt and ground pepper. There Meat comes from SemiBrad State Breeding Of one of the member of the Salumificio. The gut keeps its natural shape And it is not pressed and crushed as happens in other municipalities of Basilicata. Important and different is the binding of the gut that follows its natural rib. This detail is important because the closure and filling of the gut occurs manually without the use of any technology.



Basilicata, Castelluccio Inferiore


Sweet red suppressed

Meat origin

From farms to the local semi-regional state


220g c.a.


Precious pig meat, finely cut lard, salt and black pepper in grains, pepper of Senise IGP powder