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Cheese platter


Cheese platter is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Mixed Lucan cheeses

Invitation to the tasting of Lucanian cheeses sold online. The Lucanian cheese cutting board includes the Lucan pecorino, the flourished crust, the canestrated and a goat. A mix of cheese produced by the purple company. We invite you to tasting to learn about some high quality lucani dairy products. A bouquet of perfumes and flavors on your table at an affordable price and without engaging with consistent quantities.

The pecorino cheese It is a seasoned seed (from 3 to 4 months) with a sweet taste, lent to combinations with more decisive flavors such as chestnut honey, peppers jams, chili peppers or oranges. As the taste is happening it becomes more decisive.
The Flourished crust It is a fresh and spreadable goat cheese, light and delicate, has a noble mold. We recommend melted in a risotto, or smeared on a good slice of homemade bread or a bruschetta.
The Canistered LucanoIt is characterized, compared to the other Italian Canestrati, due to the presence of sheep and goat milk (respectively 80% and 20%). And it is precisely this mix that gives the cheese a delicacy and a sweet fragrance of medical grass. It's okay to be consumed to the knife (not recommended the grater).
The goatish of the purple company, a bit like all Lucanian cheeses, stand out for the grazing grazing of goats and for their diet which, being predominantly grazing, is characterized by herbs and biodiversity that distinguishes the hills and mountains Lucane. It can be consumed in combination with a millefiori or chestnut honey.



Basilicata, Gorgolione


Offer of mixed cheeses

What will you find

600g spicy goat, 400g of flourished crust, 600g of pecorino, 600g of canantrate


2,2KG C.A.


Goat milk, sheep, rennet, salt and spices