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“Ascoltare la tua voce è per me vino shedeh”. Il mosto color rubino

"Listen to your voice is for me Shedeh wine". The ruby ​​color must

It is a fAmosa Declaration of love found onthe ancient papyrus Egyptian "Harris 500", where there is talk of persuasive Shedeh, a drink donated by the god Ra To the sons of him.

In the hieroglyphics of the Papyrus Salt 825, it is said very briefly of its preparation method: the grape juice must heat and filter.

Papyrus Shedeh

What could it be?An important drink and probably different from the wine that the Egyptians produced.

This is just one of the many curiosity about the must.

And the uses of the must are no less interesting:

UNo syrup based on fresh day of day cooked slowly with figs, walnuts or apples, from dark ruby ​​color, dense, sweetish and smellstor, reflects the liveliness of the grapes that produces it and becomesBONCOTTO, SAPA O saba, the poor ancestor of the sauces and preserves today, Used as a particular ingredient in the kitchen, to add homemade sweets and served as Entering for squats of fried pasta.

It can also be consumed for accompany pleasantly cheese with hard pasta e seasoned.

COn the mixture a brown color and is a great natural sweetener, already known at the time of the Romans.

TRa the sauces traditionally prepared by the chefs of ancient Rome, the Defrutum: a sauce thatHe accompanied the abundant meals of Romans.

Adequately diluted with water, this juice can also be a great drink fresh and Quenching quenching.

Anyone who tells thatIt was introduced From the Celts, which used it mainly to help digestion.

And finally The must, still today, VIene used as a natural remedyrepresents an inexhaustible source of antioxidants and is perfect for fighting Influence and all cooling diseases.

Drink it hot and flavored with cinnamon, cloves, and lemon rind.

But if you want to participate in a truly unique event, about grapes, wines and musts, you just have to do a jump in Fonzaso in Bellunese, on the occasion of the festival of the grapes and visit theFormer Painting Temple with wine "brushes and ..Wine".

The works are realized exclusively with the use of the must And water.


Maria Teresa Amorosi


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