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Prova i nostri legumi

Caciocavallo seasoned podolico



The flagship of dairy production Lucana is the Caciocavallo Podolico.

This noble cheese, actually, is not just one Gastronomic delicacy But it is a piece of history and culture of an ancient and generous land such as Basilicata whose inhabitants are still proudly and stubbornly linked to secular traditions such as those of the breeding of podly cows.
Herds live to brado Free to graze there where the right vegetation grows, thus moving, depending on the season, from high altitude to the plain always looking for the best pastures.

It is not difficult to observe, with immense astonishment for those who are not of these places, the transhumance Periodic, announced by the unmistakable sound of the bells linked to the neck, the streets of the small villages of Basilicata.

The milk that is munted by these cattle is, so, to be of the highest quality and with a decisive organoleptic characteristics for the creation of the group of decisive and complex flavors that identify the podolics.

The transformation is then entrusted to the Casari masters who with great appraisal and is not lack of efforts will be able to give him the typical "pear" form by relying on the traditional spinning technique, the only one able to guarantee the conservability over time of a product obtained from vaccine milk entire.
The last phase of production is aging in Tufo caves, where the presence of yeasts and fungi will complete the seasoning enriching it further taste.

It is preferable to consume it at room temperature combining it to structured wines like theAglianico del Vulture.  



Basilicata, Abriola




Minimum seasoning of 8 months up to 16 months


450g - 1kg - Full form

Gastronomic combination

With a full-bodied wine like the Aglianico del Vulture


Podolic vaccine milk, rennet and salt