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Bronze-Cut Caserecce from Stigliano


Bronze-Cut Caserecce

"Pasta di Stigliano" boasts a long tradition of hardworking pasta makers, who have become famous under the name "maccheronieri", and have given rise to a precious pasta with simple natural ingredients. Among the grains used we find "Senatore Cappelli" mixed with other precious varieties. Quality, genuineness, digestibility and slow drying are the main characteristics of the Pastificio di Stigliano "Fattincasa". Fattincasa was founded in 2006 after a careful process of recovering the oldest processing techniques, contributing to the revival of an excellence of the Lucanian territory.

The name evokes the ancient homemade origin, an interpretation of the Arab-origin "pasta busiata" obtained with the "bus", the thin stem of a plant with which the pieces of dough were once wrapped. Casarecce are perfect for meat sauce, even though the smooth and delicately porous surface provides an ideal support for any sauce, from traditional to simple ones.



Stigliano, Basilicata




Senatore Cappelli and precious varieties
of Lucanian durum wheat




durum wheat semolina, water