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Goat Provolone Cheese


Goat Provolone Cheese

The Goat Provolone from the "Capretta Betta" company in Lagonegro, located in the heart of Basilicata, is a unique stretched-curd cheese. The goats graze freely in the lush meadows of Lagonegro from March to October, feeding on a variety of herbs and wild plants that give the milk, and consequently the cheese, a distinctive rich and aromatic flavor.

The Goat Provolone "Capretta Betta" is distinguished by its classic shape and stretched curd, achieved through a traditional processing method. After the curd stretching, the cheese undergoes a short aging process that enhances its organoleptic qualities. The result is a cheese with a firm yet elastic texture, a sweet and slightly spicy flavor, and delicate notes of herbs and flowers that reflect the natural grazing of the goats



Basilicata, San Paolo Albanese


Goat cheese


Minimum aging of two months


600g and 1,2kg c.a.


Goat's milk, rennet and salt

Milk origin Corporate milk