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Prova i nostri legumi

Sausage in oil


Polish sausage in oil

Weathered sausage handcrafted by Tricarico and then preserved in olive oil as it once. Saped seasoned It has no type of preservative or dye. This Natural conservation method It was much used in the past especially for those who produced so much oil, most people instead used lard as a natural conservation method. In oil the salami has no type of interaction with the air Keeping a certain softness to the salami itself.
The grams inside the glass vase are about 500g of seasoned sausage and about another 500ml of olive oil.



Basilicata, Tricarico


Sausage the saracen in oil of olive

No preservatives

No lactose, no gluten, no dyes


500g of sausage and 500ml of oil. Gross weight 1,8kg


Pork, salt, fennel