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Since the dawn of civilization, honey was defined as "the drink of the gods". Already a thousand years before Christ knew each other and exploited all its many properties: from therapeutic use, cosmetics and cooking. The expression "honeymoon" for example dates back to the times of Babylon when the "mead" was donated to the spouses, a particular drink (formed by honey, yeast and water), which was considered fertility favored. Today science has identified more than 200 important elements in honey.

Composition of honey

Over 300 different compounds have been identified in honey, its main components are:
sugars (the main ones are: glucose and fructose), about 75-80%
Water, 16.6-18.5%
Mineral salts and vitamins
Organic acids
nitrogenous substances
Enzymes, aromas and trail elements

The great advantage of honey is to be able to make the current calorie organism available (it supplies 320 calories / 100 g.) Without requiring digestive processes and at the same time, at the same time, indigestible or harmful substances. Fructose wealth gives honey some properties that other sweet foods do not have. To this sugar you owe greater sweetener, the prolonged energy effect and the easy digestibility of honey: glucose is burned immediately, enter directly into a circle, while fructose is consumed more slowly and works as a power reserve as, before being Used by the body, it must be transformed into glucose. Honey is particularly indicated: in the nutrition of athletes and students; For elderly, unhappened or sick, due to its high nourishing value easily assimilable; For young people and children.

It is not advisable, if not under medical control and in very limited doses, to those who suffer from diabetes, obesity or to those who are following a low-calorie diet, as it is necessary to remember that the energy intake of honey is remarkable. In addition to having a very high energy value, honey also owns innumerable properties:

Beneficial properties for the stomach, for its anti-inflammatory and healing action

Beneficial properties for the heart, as it reduces cardiovascular risk

Anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties

Regular use of honey seems to increase the level of antioxidants in the blood, such precious substances because they protect us from developing many tumors.
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In addition to all nutritional virtues, honey is also an excellent ally in skin care as it carries out a moisturizing, softening, emollient, refreshing and illuminating action, also preventing the appearance of wrinkles. It also promotes the healing of irritated skins and light burns.

Following a potential risk of vehicular spores of Clostridium Botululum (the Bacterio responsible for botulism), the US health authority (the Food and Drug Administration) advocals, at a precautionary level, to use honey in children under the age of years .

Perhaps not everyone knows that: the type of honey type is that of a dense, brilliant liquid, amber-colored. This has long conditioned the honey market, so much so that what did not match this stereotype was regularly refused. In reality crystallization is a natural process and can represent a verification of its authenticity.

Heating it at 45 ° C the honey returns liquid but, if you exceed this temperature the enzymes, vitamins and other active substances present in honey are damaged. In the industry, honey is pasteurized, so it is always liquid but often, due to high temperatures reached, provides considerable biological damage to the product.

Also, to best enjoy honey it is advisable, for those who use it as a sweetener in milk or other drinks, never add it when they are hot, but only and always when they are drinkable, since a temperature too high removes great honey Part of its properties.

Dr. Anna Cosentino

Nutritionist biologist
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