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Focaccia Barese ad alta idratazione

Focaccia without high hydration dough

Thereflat breadIt is a low and soft bread that has very ancient origins. He finds track already before the Middle Ages, even if nothing had in common with today's versions. In ancient times it was a crushed bread, made with any kind of cereal that was first shattered and reduced powder, then kneaded with water and cooked on hot stones.

With the passage of time this preparation was modified and enriched up to the multiple versions that we find today in our peninsula.
Among the most famous, it definitely stand outrecco focacciastuffed with stracchino and theBari-style focaccia breadEnriched with cherry tomatoes.

Here is the recipe of our friend Blogger Simona Valli diA mother in the kitchen 

Simona Valli Blogger

The version that I propose to you today is very simple to make even for those who have little familiarity with the leavened and does not have a mixer; I was inspired by the recipe by Gabriele Bonci even if the procedure is completely different. The focaccia without high hydration dough is very easy, to prepare it you need only a bowl, a spoon and a pastry board.

400 g of flour for bread type 1 molini del bridge
100 g rhinished wheat semolina
400 g water
3 g of fresh yeast
10 g of salt
20 g of extra virgin olive oil

Grilled semolina (for processing)
Extra virgin olive oil (for finishing)
Gross and rosemary salt


Take a large bowl, pour the sieved flours, add the crumbled yeast and 300 g of cold water, stir with a spoon.
Add the salt. The remaining water and mix the dough until the flour completely absorbed the water.
Add the oil, mix well and cover the dough with food film.
Let it rest for 1 hour at room temperature.

Flour the pastry board with the semolina, transfer the dough to the pastry board (it will be very soft and sticky, we will make it workable by making reinforcement folds *), ungate your hands and press the dough slightly to form a small rectangle, take the Right side and take it to the center then take the left side and bring it to the center by overlapping it, turn the 90 ° dough and do another fold.

Pizza dough
Cover the mixture with film, wait 15 minutes and do another complete fold, in all we will have to repeat the operation 4 times by resting the dough between one fold and the other.
Update the dough and place it in a large grease bowl of oil, cover with food film and place in the refrigerator, in the lower shelf, for 24 hours.
The following day, extract the bowl from the fridge and make the dough for 1 hour and a half.
Sprinkle the pastry board with plenty of semolina, pour the dough on the work surface and widen it gently with the fingertips by forming a rectangle not too big (about 20x30 cm)
Transfer the dough into a brushed pan of extra virgin olive oil, with the fingers widen the dough starting from the center to the outside.
Cover and let rise for 2 hours. After leavening distributed on the surface little coarse salt, a little oil and, if you like fresh rosemary.
Turn on the oven in static mode and take it to 250 °. Bake the focaccia for 10 minutes by resting it on the base of the oven then move it into the central shelf and cook another 5/6 minutes **.
ThereFocaccia without high hydration doughIt is ready, move it immediately on a grid and serve with a cutting board of cold cuts and cheeses.
Baking sheet pizza
* Reinforcement foldsThey serve to improve the texture of the mixtures, especially high hydration. Thanks to the folds and rest between one and another, we can create a glutinic shirt that allows us to give the shape to bread, to create brioche or, as in our case, make a soft and sticky dough workable.
There are various types of folds, with three pleats we can also incorporate air and have a high and well-known focaccia.
** Thecooking timeIt is indicative, it depends on the power of your oven, check it often, it must be golden and crisp.
Theflour that used in bakery must have an average force ranging from 280 to 330W, often, this value is not indicated on the packages, you can then orient yourself by checking the amount of protein, they are not the same thing but give us a quite truthful indication on the Force of the flours themselves. I suggest you use little refined flours for bakery and cut them with aromatic flours like semolina, rye or spelled in minimal part.
A hug
Simona Valli

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