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Pizza in teglia

Pizza in baking tin

"Today I explain how to make a deliciousPizza in baking tinHigh hydration, an easy version that is also good for those in the first weapons "
Find out more ... with our friend Blogger Simona Valli

To get to today's version we have to wait 1889 when the Esposite cook raffaele created the famous Pizza margherita In honor of Queen Margherita di Savoia.

Since then this wonderful preparation based on flour, water yeast and salt has undergone countless variations; One of the most popular is the sliced ​​pizza Which you enjoy walking folded on itself.

Today I explain how to make a delicious high-hydration baking sheet pizza, an easy version that you can prepare when you aggrave you more.

The choice of flour is personal, it depends very much on the final taste you want to get, I advise you to mix two or three so as to have a more tasty and rustic dough.


For the dough

300 g of flour 1 for granny bread molini del bridge (you can find it here)

100 g of Pollino Mulino Arleo flour 0 (you can find it here)

100 g of milled semolina mill Arleo (you can find it here)

380 g of water

6 g of fresh yeast

10 g of salt

20 g of extra virgin olive oil (you can find it here)

1 teaspoon of barley malt (replaceable with 1 teaspoon of honey)

For the seasoning

400 g of tomato puree (you can find it here)

3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

Q.B. salt

500 g of milk flood mozzarella

Rummied semolina of durum wheat for dusting


✔ First, dissolve the yeast and malt in the water *.

✔ Pour the fluids into the planetary add the sifted flours and make cooking ** with the leaf (the dough must be smooth and you have to get up to the leaf).

✔ Add the salt that is little at a time and, when it is completely incorporated, add the oil flush, make the charming.

✔ Pour the dough on the slightly floured pastry board and round it. Give a large bowl, place the dough inside and cover it with food film. Let it rise up to the volume doubling (about 2 hours and a half hours).

✔ While the leavened pizza drows the mozzarella, cut it into a diced and put it in a colander for a few hours.

✔ Take up the dough, transfer it to the floured pastry board with the semolina, widen it with the fingertips by forming a rectangle and make a complete three-fold (here you find the images of the folds)

✔ Cover it again and let it rest for 1 hour.

✔ After the rest time widened the dough gently with the fingertips, being careful not to crush the bubbles formed.

✔ Transfer it to a well-oiled and finished pan 30x40 baking sheet (must cover the whole surface of the pan), cover and rest for 45 minutes.

✔ In the meantime you turn on the oven and take it to 250 °.


✔ Season the tomato with oil and salt and distribute it on the pizza. Bake the blade by resting it on the bottom of the oven and cook the pizza for 9/10 minutes.


✔ Remove the pan from the oven distribute the mozzarella to the surface and bake it again by placing it in the second guide from above. Cook for another 4/6 minutes so that mozzarella melt.


There Pizza in baking tin ready!


* In winter use tap water at room temperature, in summer, if it is very hot, it is better to use cold fridge water, otherwise, during processing, the dough risks warming up too compromising the leavening.

** Starring a dough means to give him a structure that makes it workable, the flours we use contain gluten that, with the processing in planetary or hand, forms a glutinic shirt a sort of lattice that holds the dough in shape and allows a correct leavening.


It is important that the flours used have an average force on 280/300 W, if you do not find this indication on the flour package based on proteins that need to be 12%.

A hug
Simona Valli

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