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Ferrandina bake olives


Ferrandina bake olives

Deadline 30/04/22

The baked olives, Slow Food Presidium, which we invite you to buy online, make Ferrandina, a small municipality of Basilicata on the Matera hill. It is one of the most productive areas in terms of extra virgin olive oil, you think about 80% of its farmable agricultural areas are olive groves.
There cultivar the more present is the majatics Which lends itself well to being "baked" because it has the large drupes with a very small hazel compared to the rest of the pulp.
The first baked olives of the season comes out commercially at January. The processing includes a burn at 90 ° C of the olives and then put them in dry salting for a short time. The olives, partly dehydrated, are then put on the brackets and "bake" in special devices that reach a temperature of about 50 °. The Olive flavor remains unchanged And it is full and sweet typical of Majatica cultivar, with accentuation of the sapidity given by incernuration.
The olives proposed for online purchase have no preservatives, they have no dyes, nor any kind of additive. The ingredients are Majatica olives and salt.
The bake olives of Ferrandina are very good at the Lucan salami and the seasoned shein or the Lucan Canestrati.



Basilicata, Ferrandina


Ferrandina baked olives


Slow Food Presidium of Basilicata




Majatica olives, salt. There are no preservatives or dyes