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Alici di Cetara under salt


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Alici di Cetara under salt

Cetara is a small town in Amalfi Coast, reality known throughout the world for its own anchovies.

Even today tradition wants to Fishing takes place in specific periods of the year and that processing of the anchovies takes place strictly by hand. After their cleanliness the anchovies are wisely inserted in containers of glass or wood like i backshign Inside which alternate layers of anchovies and salt layers.
They have one Greater medium size Because fishing is very selective fishing only with large networks.



Campania, Cetara


Alici di Cetara under salt


1600g net weight, 1100g drained weight


Big sin of the great

Gastronomic combination

Excellent for all Mediterranean cuisine


Ali (engraulis encrasicolus) Sale, brine