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Easter Colomba Chocolate Fondant and Milk Chocolate


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Easter Colomba Chocolate Fondant and Milk Chocolate

New product 2022 made by the Calciano family in Tricarico. We didn't eat it and we can't give judgments about it but surely knowing Rocco and his brother they put all the love for easter Colomba-

They choose the best ingredients and above all they know the secrets of a slow leavitation that makes the Easter Colomba and soft leavened.

Their Colomba are always highly appreciated by criticism as Gambero rosso. Over the years they managed to crop a space among the best pastries in Italy.

Shipping starting from 1 April



Basilicata, Tricarico


Easter Colomba with fondant chocolate  70% and milk chocolate cubes


Artisan product, highly appreciated by Gambero Rosso




Stone-mounted soft wheat flour, Normandy vaccine butter, sugar, fresh egg yolk, fondant chocolate 70%, milk chocolate cubes, natural yeast, acacia honey, salt, malt, Madagascar vanilla pods. No icing.
Allergens: soft wheat flour, eggs, milk, butter, almonds, can contain traces of fruit in shell, soy.