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Prova i nostri legumi

Dove pulls to the apricot


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Dove pulls to the apricot

Over the years, Vincenzo Tiri managed to raise the quality bar in terms of leavened products. In the small workshop he managed to create the best dove Red shrimp 2017 and among the varieties of the doves you find the one to the apricot made with first choice ingredients.
The apricot are those metapontine, evident sign of how excellence can be created with seasonal and territorial fruits.
The dough requires 72H leavening and 3 processing phases
The delicacy of the dough, the perfume that envelops you and the yellow color of the pasta literally lose your head.
There are no preservatives.
There SHELF LIFE is 30 days.



Basilicata, Acerenza


Dove at the apricot and Cocoa Grosse


72 hours of processing and 3 leavings




Wheat flour, apricot seeds candied 30% (apricot, glucose syrup, sugar) butter, sugar, fresh egg yolks, natural mother yeast (wheat), orange paste (orange rind, glucose syrup, sugar ) Honey, malt, salt, vanilla

How to taste it

Bring it to a heat source for 20 minutes before

When we ship

We acquire the orders and we escose them 15 days before Easter