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Prova i nostri legumi

Traditional dove pulls


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Traditional dove pulls

The traditional tira dove is one of the symbols of the Pastry of Vincenzo Tiri, the excellent pastry chef of Basilicata and precisely from Acerenza.
Why choose this dove? Well because it has a 72-hour leavening, because the products are highly sought after keeping an eye to the use of raw materials of the territory like the oranges of tursi and then because it was reviewed by red shrimp as the best of 2017.

We sincerely recommend it because if placed near a heat source there are fruit aromas, vanilla and natural yeast. Lightweight to the point you would like to finish it right away. Happy to share with you one of Italy's best products.

Shipping starting from 1 April
Shelf Life 30 days
There are no preservatives



Basilicata, Acerenza


Traditional dove pulls


3 stages of dough and 72 hours of processing




Best red shrimp dove 2017


wheat flour, candied orange rind 25% (orange, glucose syrup, sugar),butter, sugar, egg yolksegg Fresh category A, from earth-raised chickens, pastorized 11%, natural mother yeast (wheat), orange paste (orange rind, glucose syrup, sugar), honey,malt, salt, natural vanilla berries of Madagascar

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