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Prova i nostri legumi

100% Italian grain shells


100% Italian wheat pasta

The difference as you know makes the origin of the wheat. We are happy to have found a company that only transforms the wheat that cultivates in the northern area of ​​Basilicata between Forenza and Venosa.

The semolina obtained from the local mills is then worked by the pastures of Stigliano and Oppido with Bronze and slow drying stacking.

This pasta is the classic soup pasta, soup or broth.



Basilicata, Forenza


Italian durum wheat shells

Grain origin

Coming from the company Iungano in Basilicata


500g - bronze drawing

How to use it

For soups, soups and broths


Durum wheat semolina, water. Contains gluten

Pasta factories used

Stigliano and Oppido Lucano