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Prova i nostri legumi

Seasoned biological goat cheese


Weathered organic goat cheese of pollino

Three ingredients for this weathered goat organic cheese: Raw goat milk of the company Tosa, rennet, salt.
The goats that give milk are just those of the same company that rises in San Paolo Albanese in Pollino (region Basilicata). The Troiano brothers that over twenty years ago have created the Tosa company are proud to make you visit the company With goats, sheep and a healthy and uncontaminated environment that can only conquer you (for info you can contact Castrise that will take charge of organizing a visit).
What makes this cheese unique? The quality of Pollino pastures where one reigns one biodiversity The only one between herbs and plants combined with the care of goatwells.
The result is a product a Hard and grainy pasta, straw-colored, with small sake and an intense and enveloping flavor. The aftertaste is that of the grasses and spontaneous leguminous in the pastures.
The use of animal care homeopathy is another indicator of respect and the passion of producers towards their own animals.
The Organic cheese Proposed is seasoned for a period of at least three months and goes well with honey type on.



Basilicata, San Paolo Albanese


Seasoned biological goat cheese


Minimum seasoning of 40 days


600g and 1,2kg c.a.


Goat's milk, rennet and salt

Milk origin Corporate milk