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Prova i nostri legumi

Red round aubergine DOP in oil


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Round red melenzana in oil

"Red Dop"Rotonda ends in oil!
Thus ends the long journey of the Round red aubergine That starting from North Africa arrives in Basilicata at the beginning of the last century. Between her and round peasants is love at first sight, probably for the strangeness of her shape. By encountering it for the first time anyone who would ask what it is? Small, round and intense orange colorIt would quickly remember a tomato than a traditional aubergine. And so, at Rotonda before and later in neighboring municipalities (all areas close to the Pollino massif), our aubergine finds the right climate and the right terrain that will definitely modify the organoleptic qualities so much to differ deeply from that original African and the They will make one of Lucane excellences.



Basilicata, roundabout


Round red dop aubergine in extra virgin olive oil

Where it is produced

In the Pollino National Park




Red round aubergine DOP, extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic, acidity corrector, lactic acid