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Biological Millefiori Honey Format Convenience

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Organic Honey Millefiori Serra del Prete

We propose one of the best honeys present in the area Lucan.
The convenience format includes 4 packs of Millefiori honey from 450g each.
The Serra del Prete company had the recognition of "Three gold drops"From the Bologna Honey Observatory in 2016 and 2017 as well as a gold medal and a silver recently conquered internationally.
Its production takes place in the area of Pollino National Park And it is for this defined honey of high mountain.
Honey is not crystallized (which remains liquid) was subjected to a slight thermal treatment (around 35/38 °, therefore not pasteurization).
In the Convenience pack you receive two jars of liquid honey and two crystallized honey (if you have several preferences you have nothing to ask for it)

Nb The take-up is not included in the offer but is used only for photographic purposes.



Basilicata, Viggianello


Organic millefiori honey in convenience format

Where it is produced

In the Pollino National Park


4 450g cans

How can I find honey

Crystallized and liquid