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Pecorino Lucano


Lucano pecorino cheese

The cheese Pecorino Lucano It is produced with corporate milk from the purple dairy. It has a seasoning of a few months ranging from 2 maximum 3. It goes well with delicate honey as the on. It has a thin and not too accentuated crust given its freshness. This feature makes it great to eat it "to the knife".
The purple company is one of the few in the Basilicata region that in our opinion really deserve to be nominated among the best because they have the knowledge of the raw material and know how to transform it without leaving any small but essential detail.



Basilicata, Gorgoglione


Pecorino Lucano

Milk origin

Corporate and non-corporate


600g, 1,2kg and 2.5kg Full form


Sheep milk, rennet and salt


Minimum 2 months

How to consume it