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Prova i nostri legumi

Mountain Mountain Pezzana


Mountain Pezzante Matera Slow Food Presidium

The noble parts of pork are designed to make sausages, suppress them, hams or still bacon and pillowcases. The valley, whose name refers to the peasant origins of the same, is instead made by Poor parts of the pig, it is a fat sausage, made to recover the less valuable parts, according to the old adage so that of the pig does not throw anything away. We propose you Mountain Mountain Pezzana, which among other things is also aSlow Food Presidium. It is seasoned with minced pepper, salt, garlic. It is great if consumed in combination with a good homemade bread, and in this case it must have a seasoning of at least twenty days.
However, Sudrise recommends its use in "Sunday": seasoned pezzente also only 15 days, other meat cuts such as pork ribs, calf stew with bone, a beef magatel and a slow and long baking. Great for seasoning homemade pasta or in any case typical like Lucanian ferricelli.
It is also welcome when it is time, a duster of horseradish.



Basilicata, Stigliano and Cirigliano


Mountain Mountain Pezzana

How to consume it

Cooked with tomato sauce or grilled




Pork, garlic, salt, ground chilli ground