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Rummy semolina senator hats


Rummy semolina senator Lucan hats

The milled semolina of durum wheat Senator hats it is produced a Castronuovo di s.Andrea from the Arleo Mill Its optimal use is reserved for dough for bread and for pasta. Many also use it for the pizzas. Senator Hats is a high-level grain, a Very ancient grain That has not suffered mutations and for this reason it is much more digestible given its low amount of gluten. The mill is inserted into the Pollino National Park. Antonio Arleo and the sons of him are custodians of ancient seeds.



Basilicata, Castronuovo di San Andrea


Rummy semolina senator hats

Grain origin

Grain Lucan cultivate in the Pollino National Park


1kg and 5kg

How to use it

Pizzas, bread and pasta

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