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Tender wheat flour full wheelchosella


Full carboxel flour

The Carosella flour derives from the tender wheat that grows between the Cilento and the Basilicata. It is a wheat that over the years has been forgotten to replace it with grains that express a greater yield (in quantitative terms).
But today you are trying to rediscover it And to reuse it. The real "custodians" of this variety are farmers and owners of small mills that keep this rare and exceptional product alive.

From zone to area of ​​the same Basilicata changes the historical use of this flour: towards the north it was always very used for bakery; In other areas it was traditionally used for baking products such as cookies or desserts.  The flour that we propose you for online purchase on this page is therefore particularly rich in vitamins and fibers (bran) that accelerates it and promotes digestion.



Basilicata, Castronuovo di San Andrea


Full carboxel flour

Grain origin

30km radius from the mill in Pollino Park



How to use it

Combining it to a type 0 for the creation of sweets and biscuits

Type of mill


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