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Bagnolese pecorino


Bagnolese pecorino 

The Bagnolese pecorino owes its name to the ovine breed present on theLaroom plateau in the province of Avellino, In Bagnoli Irpino.

It cannot be said that the breed of the Bagnolese sheep is at risk of extinction, to date there are about a thousand chiefs, but also for Slow Food, it is a breed of extreme interest as much as deserving its enhancement, for merit first of all of the Noteworthy qualitative level of dairy productions derived from its milk.
Thus was born the Slow Food Presidium of the Bagnolese Pecorino.

The leaders are held in the wild and semi-crady state, their diet is only integrated in winter, for the rest of the year they feed on the predominantly herbaceous pasture.

His crust presents himself compactMore or less brown in color depending on the seasoning.
Allinterior has a straw color it's a spicy taste that is accentuated from the lengthening of the seasoning.