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Dried peppers of Senise IGP 1kg


Dried Peppers (Fritti become branches) IGP of Senise

Sudrise proposes the sale of Senise IGP peppers, the originals, obtained from the scrupulous respect for the production disciplinary. They are very famous as crusque peppers. Defined as theLucan red gold The senise peppers have now fully entered the Italian gastronomy so that even renowned chefs use these vegetables that are collected at the end of August and early September, selected and lying on towels to become red.
To this follow the construction of "SERTA " o Necklace that occurs manually.
They are then hung to the ceiling or balconies away from direct light.
They become dry and can remain up to 1 year.
Their most original cooked variation and The "Crusco" is famous (fried for a few seconds and then let cool for a few minutes to take a crunchy texture). The Senise IGP pepper is produced in a specific area of ​​Basilicata identified in the disciplinary (senise and other neighboring municipalities) which also called the rigorous production rules.
The Senise IGP peppers that you will receive are a Sudrise brand. We have selected the best among producers so that we can personally take responsibility for the excellent quality of the product.

N.B. Shipments of this product will start from Monday 30th of August



Basilicata, Senise


Senise IGP dried peppers

How long is the SERTA?

Minimum 1.5mt up to 1.7mt


1kg equals to more or less 120 dry peppers

How to cook them?

Fried, cruschi

How the peppers are frying
Corporate video