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tradizione lucana piccillato

Tradizioni Lucane a Pasqua: il Piccillato

l re dei prodotti lucani a Pasqua? Prova il piccillato!

Nel periodo pasquale non mancano i dolci e i rustici della tradizione, amatissimi da chi conosce quei sapori da sempre, ma anche da coloro che hanno avuto la fortuna di scoprirli.
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“Ascoltare la tua voce è per me vino shedeh”. Il mosto color rubino

"Listen to your voice is for me Shedeh wine". The ruby ​​color must

Curiosity about the must, from the Shedeh drink of ancient Egyptians to today's uses, told by our friend Maria Teresa Amorosi.
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Peperoni cruschi di Senise

The Arcane Unnamed and the triumph of the cruschi peppers

When the Pope tasted the cruel peppers.
An interesting historical anecdote (a gem!) Rediscovered by our friend Maria Teresa Amorosi.
An idea to open doors when they are now closed.

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Nduja calabrese

Fresh or preserved food? When did we keep preserving?

When does the habit of preserving food? Let's do it only since we have the refrigerator or sinks the roots in the night of times?
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Garlic, food and medication

The contribution of Dr. Anna Cosentino, Nutritionist biologist, on one of the good foods for taste and excellent health: garlic.
Myth or science?

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Formaggio di latte di capra: fa bene alla salute e all'ambiente

Goat's milk cheese: it is good for health and the environment

Our friend Anna Cosentino, nutritionist biologist, wrote for us a brief article about the properties of cheese and goat's milk.

You discover too what different and better than cow's milk.

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Pizza: simbolo di orgoglio e resistenza

Pizza: symbol of pride and resistance

To watch the Italian profile boards of the Italians of the last month, it turns out to be a new symbol of national identity: pizza.
Nutritional aspects
Find out more ... by our friend Nutritionist biologist Dr. Anna Cosentino
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Innamorarsi del lievito madre

Fall in love with a mother yeast

It was right there, in the "local", as I watched my grandmother and my mother knead the bread, who fell in love, initially without realizing it, of the slow rhythms of the nature and magic of natural leavening.
Find out more ... from our friend Blogger Roberta Niglio di Gigliose
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Rafano Lucano Fresco

At Carnival Il Rasano Lucano on everything is worth

The carnival approaches and the time of the Rafanata in Basilicata is approaching.
Frittata with grated fresh sausage and horseradish.
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Peperoni Cruschi Lucani

The peppers lucani cruel first in the reviews

Curiosities on the peppers Lucanian bran and on the trends of restaurant reviews.
How do Trip Advisor, Google and The Fork go?
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Lenticchie Verdi Lucane e Pugliesi

Lentils, between history and tradition

Lentils have always considered the meat of the poor, as rich in mineral salts, vitamins and fibers.
These are legumes belonging to the family of papilionaceous and according to some studies is the oldest legume cultivated by man.
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Arrosticini Abruzzesi

The roasts: the Abruzzo tradition

The roasts are sheep's skewers, typical Abruzzo. But they are now requested by Tutt'Atitalia.
Another article from the journalistAlessia GianninoOf Naples that makes us find out where they are born and what they are.
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