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Gli gnummareddi: storia e tradizioni di un piatto povero

GNUMMAREDDI: history and traditions of a poor dish

Grilled, baked or stewed by the "gnummareddi"They talk poor but tasty cooking!
The journalistAlessia Gianninoof Naples there is it in this article to rediscover thePeasant roots.
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Peperoni cruschi

Sudrise: the story of a vision

A beautiful article written by the journalistCarmensita BellettieriAnd published on FoodFileBasilicata who speaks of our company, our dreams.
We thank you heart!
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Le farine lucane antiche del Mulino Arleo

The ancient Lucanian flours of the Arleo mill

To us of Sudrise like to visit companies, understand how and what they work.
ThereDr. Anna Cosentino, nutritionist biologist, presents us theArleo Mill of Castronuovo Sant'AndreaAnd, in summary, the qualities of hisflour.
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Il fagiolo Magico

The magic bean

Good power cannot ignore the consumption of thelegumes
THEbeans They are (with lentils) the best known and consumed in the world.
Discover thebenefits And the curiosities in the article written for us from the nutritionist biologist Dr. Anna Cosentino
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La Zucca, l'ortaggio dell'Autunno

Pumpkin, autumn vegetable

A protagonist vegetable this season is thepumpkin.
Appreciated for hisSweet and delicate tasteand theVersatility in the kitchen, as well as for the excellent onesproperty Benefits for our body.
We publish a post created for us fromDr. Lucia Hope
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Il miele... questo conosciuto

Honey ... this known

We receive and gladly publish the post by Dr. Anna Cosentino - Nutrition Biologist -
Since the dawn of civilization the honey was defined "The drink of the gods". Already a thousand years before Christ knew each other and exploited all its many properties: from therapeutic use, cosmetics and cooking.
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Il Pollino a "Matera è Fiera" con la Comunanza del Cibo

Pollino to "Matera is proud" with food community

It ended yesterday "Matera is a fair" who saw the protagonist Sudrise in Matera together with producers of the Food Pollino community.
For three days, from 17.00 to midnight, in the beautiful Piazza San Francesco di Matera there was Pollino and his food community, with the producers who represent it.
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