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PieNolo tomato loop


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Vesuvius PDO tomato paste

PASSED PRODUCED WITH THE PENNOLO TOMATO Famous for its pointed shape. It is originally from Campania where thanks to the microclimate present and to the volcanic ground it owes its notoriety.

Fresh has a very thick peel and an extraordinarily strong pedunculus attachment. Other peculiarity is the high concentration of sugar and soluble acids that make it a product with a long natural conservation. It is easy to come across the Neapolitan premises with the "fullights" hanging from the ceiling or on the entrance doors of the premises.

This version for sale is a past produced with natural with the method "Zero pesticides" In cultivation.



Herculaneum, Campania


Vesuvius PDO tomato paste


Without the use of pesticides and phytosanitari




Vesuvius PDO full tomato